VoicePainter is dedicated to opening young minds to the greatest of gifts ~

Art and Creativity
Here at VoicePainter, we are dedicated to having children
+ Have fun
+ Be Creative
+ Create Fascinating Art
And we make creating art easy. In our eyes every child is an artist. All children can create art, just by using their own voice. First they choose from one of our patterns including Dizzy Dna or Round and Round or any of our other patterns, and then they talk or sing or make sounds into the microphone and with Voicepainter they create one of a kind paintings that can be put on a card, tee shirt or emailed or saved for future use. It's that easy!

For over 6 years, VoicePainter has been committed to contributing Art and Creativity to every event, small or large. Please take a look at our past parties We are personally here to assist you with any questions or ideas you may have. We look forward to hearing from you, so we can help you and your guests experience giving the gift of your voice - Voicepainter.